BioVapor Background

BioVapor (NZ) Ltd is a technology development company specialising in sustainable and green technology for BioSecurity and Agricultural applications.

The company was founded in 2007 and is a privately held company based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Close up of BV unit

The company has successfully qualified for New Zealand Government Development Grants from Technology New Zealand and The Sustainable Farming Fund and has developed and commercialised world-leading products for the Agricultural and BioSecurity markets.

The technology developed by BioVapor (NZ) Ltd is focused around the use of efficient and fully mobile heat technology for the thermal control of weeds as well as disease and pathogen control in agricultural cropping applications. Fully mobile heat-treatment systems have also been developed for the treatment of vehicles, machinery, plant and equipment as well as ISO shipping containers for BioSecurity and QPS applications.

BioVapor (NZ) Ltd holds several Global Patents related to the mobile heat technology developed and is currently developing new technology for the recapture and re-use of chemical fumigants.

As a technology development company, BioVapor (NZ) Ltd works with operational service partners to provide commercial heat-treatment services to Port Authorities, International Shipping and Logistics Companies and Importers/Exporters of timber products, vehicles, plant and machinery and durable goods.