Heat Treatment of Durable Containerised Goods

The BioVapor system can treat a wide range of durable goods either in palletised break-bulk form or as containerised goods.

The goods need to be appropriately stacked to aid all flow around the products to minimise the total treatment times. The treatments can be performed directly within the shipping container or the products can be de-vanned and treated on pallets within the MTU system.


Key Benefits of BioVapor Treatment for Durable Containerised Goods:

  • goodsFast Turn-around Times - Two 20ft containers can be treated simultaneously with treatment times ranging from our hour up to six hours depending on the product being treated, the treatment specification and how the products have been packaged and stacked. This compares with 24 hours for fumigation.

  • Non-Toxic Environment During Devanning – By using heat treatment only, there is no potential for residual fumigant inside the container during devanning and no chemical reaction with some rubbers and plastics that can occur during fumigation with Methyl Bromide.

  • No Exclusion Zones During Treatment – The new ERMA regulations require
    significant exclusion zones around any fumigation process, making it difficult to fumigate on port locations and smaller transitional facilities due to the limited spacecrane available. These exclusion zones do not apply to heat treatment allowing this treatment to be applied within a much smaller footprint and can be completed on-site at customer transitional facilities.