Q:        Is heat treatment approved by the Ministry of Primary Industries for biosecurity treatments?

A:         Yes. The BioVapor heat treatment facilities are fully MPI approved for the treatment of empty containers, scrap metal, cars, dunnage and ISPM15.


Q:        What about Giant African Snail?

A:         Yes, the approval includes Giant African Snail.


Q:        Is heat treatment expensive?

A:         No. The cost of heat treatment is very similar to methyl bromide fumigation and when the faster turnaround is taken into consideration the overall cost can be less.


Q:        How long does heat treatment take?

A:         This depends on the standard but on average it is just 30 to 60-minutes including preparation time; methyl bromide fumigation is a minimum of 24-hours. Treatment certificates are issued on completion of treatment to allow immediate release of the container or vehicle.


Q:        Does heat leave any harmful residues?

A:         No. As soon as the treatment is finished the container or vehicle is ready for use, unlike methyl bromide where there is a ventilation period to allow any residual gas to disperse. Also there is no risk of any reaction with upholstery (particularly leather) as can occur with methyl bromide.


Q:        Is heat only effective on the inside of containers?

A:         No. The unique BioVapor container facility treats all six sides of the container inside and out simultaneously. The treatment also dries and deodorises the container.


Q:        Are BioVapor heat treatment services available at all ports?

A:         At present the service is only available at the Ports of Auckland. It is planned to expand to other ports over the next few years.


Q:        How long has the facility been operating at the Ports of Auckland?

A:         The facility has been fully operational for over 5-years.


Q:        How do I place an order for heat treatment?

A:         Forward your copy of the Quarantine Notice or Biosecurity Authority Clearance Certificate (BACC) to Genera at  or fax 07 574 7505. This with a Genera job-sheet will be sent to our heat treatment technician.


Q:        How can I find out more about the Genera BioVapor heat treatment service?

A:         Telephone us on 0800 100 399 or e-mail