Heat Treatment of ISO Shipping Containers


The BioVapor and MTU (Mobile Treatment Unit) can treat 2 x 20ft or 1 x 40ft Reefer or Dry Box Container in a single treatment cycle. 

The BioVapor provides full 6-sided container decontamination both externally and internally while simultaneously treating any durable containerised goods as required.


Key Benefits of BioVapor Treatment for ISO Shipping Containers:

continer in mtu

  • Fully Mobile - The BioVapor system is designed to be fully mobile and can be transported to different port locations to treat containers at the point of offloading.

  • Rapid turnaround time for decontamination of empty containers - Typical turnaround time of 30 minutes for 2 x 20ft containers.

  • Treatment of Durable Goods - Typical treatment times for durable containerised goods ranges from 30 minutes up to 6 hours depending on the type of product being treated, how the product is stacked into the container and the required treatment specification.

  • Container Deodorising - The heat treatment process also de-odorises containers from VOC’s and other organic odours.container

  • Container Dehumidification - BioVapor treatment can
    dry out wet or high-humidity containers post container cleaning and can provide a guaranteed humidity level for high-grade or food-grade containers.

    • Proven Success with the World's Largest Shipping Companies  - BioVapor is an approved treatment system for all of the largest container shipping companies calling into New Zealand ports including Maersk, PDL, Reef, Safrana, Swire, Polynesian Shipping and Neptune Paciifc.