Heat Treatment of Wood Packaging to ISPM-15

The BioVapor system can treat all export packaging timber to the ISPM-15 heat standard including export pallets and product packaging, fruit bins, squash and fresh fruit export packaging.

The portable BioVapor units can be deployed onsite at the packaging or exporters premises providing a very compact, flexible and highly efficient heat treatment system for all export packaging applications.


Key Benefits of BioVapor Treatment of Wood Packaging to ISPM-15:

  • timberCompact & Highly Efficient System – The BioVapor heat system is very compact and produces a very high-volume of turbulent air resulting in a highly efficient heat-transfer method reducing overall treatment times and costs.

  • Flexible Configuration and Chamber Setup – The BioVapor can be configured to work with existing treatment chambers, portable container chambers or can work in conjunction with a purpose-built MTU unit.

  • Low Capex Cost – Compared with traditional furnace-based heat treatment systems, the BioVapor heat system capital cost is significantly lower and can be coupled with an equipment lease option.