Welcome to BioVapor

BioVapor is world-leading heat treatment technology developed specifically for the treatment of Quarantine and Pre-Shipment (QPS) applications as a direct alternative to Chemical Fumigation methods.


Our unique heat technology provides a highly efficient heat-treatment environment producing very high-volumes of extremely turbulent and humidity controlled hot air at precise temperature control.

The BioVapor Heat Treatment system is fully mobile and self-contained which is ideally suited for Port environments with dynamic land use requirements and space demands.

All temperature and time profiles are electronically monitored and recorded allowing for real-time issuing of treatment results and quarantine certificates so that QPS treatments can be completed and released inside one hour compared with traditional fumigation treatment times of greater than 24 hours.

BioVapor can treat a wide range of products including ISO Shipping Containers, Vehicles, Machinery, Plant and Equipment, Timber and Dunnage to ISPM-15 as well as any durable or containerised goods suitable for heat treatment.

BioVapor MTU

BioVapor has partnered with Genera Ltd to provide a wide range of Heat Treatment Services at the Ports of Auckland and greater Auckland region. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the BioVapor heat treatment services available.